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Ha, so "Special" does not mean "special". It means "less expensive"
This is a very old thread I arrived at through a search engine. Seems like every where I look these days I end up at APUG. That's OK. So, I've got this pristine, right-out-of-the-box Crown Graphic Pacemaker with the top mounted rangefinder with light. I'd say, 1960 maybe? Marked "Special" on the lensboard with a Schneider 135 in a Compur shutter. I've treasured and protected it from the least little handling mark, even have the wood block. For at least the last 25 years I've believed I had something, and here some of you guys say the Schneider lens is 2nd-rate? Well they used Schneider lenses on Rolleiflexes way before this Crown was made. So by the logic I see on this thread, Rolleiflexes are junk too.
I find it nearly impossible to believe that the Wollensak Optar is better glass than this. Ektar, maybe. But then I learn something new every day on this APUG. But this tidbit is mighty hard to swallow. Any learned input would be appreciated. I'll mark this thread for possible reply. If it turns out my Crown is not as hot as I always thought, then it's out the door. I've still got my Pacemaker Crown with Kalart I can go out an d use it, because it's in nice shape, but I don't protect it like an egg. Thanks.