While I have a Travelwide on order I wouldn't recommend it as a first introduction to 4x5. It is limited in what it can do, and you still need to buy all the other bits of kit anyway. So it's great for people with the lens and darkslides already (and other ancillary bits), as a light, easy and quick camera, but if you added it all up you are well on the way to buying a full blown technical or field camera. I would look on Ebay for people selling up a Toyo technical camera, or similarly a Linhof or M.P.P. In the UK for instance you can typically buy an M.P.P. with a lens and some darkslides (with possibly even more accessories) for perhaps 450. But buying a Travelwide and all the bits separately and you could be up there knocking on the door of that price.

I would also agree that 4x5 is a little bit small for contact printing. Not because it is small as such, but because at that size it doesn't show the beauty of film or any better qualities than you could get from a P&S digital camera. Go up a size to 5x7 and things change, the negative has room to breath as a contact print. If on the other hand you kept to 4x5 and scanned it, or enlarged it in a 'wet' darkroom, it will easily show the qualities of film and why it may be preferred.