Actually, I did do the meter. The spot and the average seem to be within 1/2 stop of each other ( I found the most weighted area of the average by moving the camera around while metering, then moved the spot to the same area, seems to be within 1/2 a stop ). I have 2 1000DTLs, one to use for parts and one that was reasonably clean and apparently an updated design ( slight differences in construction ). Unfortunately the parts camera ( has many issues ) winds smooth as silk. The better over all body that is getting worked on has a tight spot while winding but not always. I'm still looking into that though it does not seem to affect overall function. My first 35mm was a 1000TL ( maybe was a 500TL ) that my dad gave me when I was 8 or so he bought new a few years earlier. It disappeared in my early teens but oddly I still have the original 50mm F2 lens that was on it. For the past many decades I have been using it as a loupe. Now it will have a home on the DTL.