I'm having exactly the same problem, same batch number 94D098, purchased two weeks ago and came directly from Ilford Switz. (Marly). (Simon from Ilford/Harmann take note!) In twelve+ years of using this developer, I've seen only one time a few black specks in part A, which I was able to filter out. But now I have 3 packs of 5L which all look like the above photo: brown/beige/black rather than the usual white crystals. I tried mixing one pack and there are thousands of blacks stringy specks of gunk floating around inside the 5l of distilled water! The black stuff did not dissolve. Opened the next pack and the crystals look the same beige w/black again. I would never run my film through this, and I'm sending all three packs back. Instead I mixed three 1-liter packs with no issues (different batch number on the box for the 1-liter packs).