The CL and CLE are not equivalent bodies. The CL spot meters while the CLE meters off averaging white spots on the shutter curtain (with flash metering during the exposure), which is very nice if you use flash. When you put the CLE in manual exposure mode, the meter doesn't work, and it's a kind of tricky slide switch to turn the meter on and off. The CL covers out to 40mm in the finder, while the CLE has finder lines for 28mm, and is lower magnification. The whole back slides off to change film on the CL and the CLE has a swing-open back. The CL takes a 625 battery in a slot with an edge contact that you can't change with film in the camera, so it's more work to sub new batteries, while the CLE takes two still-available MS76 or equivalent batteries.

Size and weight are about the same, but the shooting experience isn't that close. I personally prefer the CL, but that doesn't mean you will. I have used a number of the modern C/V Bessa bodies and lenses and like the T and the R3A (probably would have the R3M if I'd bought after it was announced) a lot. The CL and CLE are much quieter than the Bessas.