I have just recently jumped back into photography as a hobby. Photography was a large part of my life for about 20+ years
Then children and responsibilities took over. My 12x14 foot darkroom became more of a storeroom rather than a place to
develop film. Anyhow, I was looking through You tube, and there was a gent attaching a digital camera to a 4x5 field camera.
I was hooked! Even though this was put together badly, I knew that I could do on better. Not to mention the fact that I had two 4x5's and a vintage 8x10 field camera that was begging for a new life. So I did my homework, and found as much as
I could about the subject ( of which there is not that much ) I made a prototype to mount my newly acquired Nikon D3100
digital camera to my Calumet Wood Field 4x5 camera. I put the hole thing together, and it looks great. Now the hard part starts. How to make an image? I have been working with film for what seems like forever, but the new technology of digital cameras with all there buttons and bells---Frankly I'm lost. Included are picture's of my project. I need some pointers on the mechanics on getting a image on my camera. Any information would be greatly welcomed . Feel free to pass this along to other members that might have some information that they could share. My thanks to all the groups, and for the information that I have picked up that could never be matched. Thanks again, R delung ( from Seattle Washington ) where gray days are common.