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Somehow, I figured out that the camera is either with technowizard or on its way there. Technowizard: please chime in and let us know how things are going! I'll send you a PM.

Camera #1 - Leica Mini-Zoom
rcam Portchester, NY
walbergb Manitoba, Canada
the banana Manitoba, Canada
MattKing BC, Canada
John_NikonF Duvall, WA
edibot42 Half Moon Bay, CA
technowizard Los Gatos, CA (Camera last seen on its way here)
k_jupiter San Jose, CA
mooseontheloose Kumamoto-ken, Japan
flatulent1 Shoreline, WA
tron_ Shelby Township, MI
FilmSprocket Pinckney, MI
Newt on Swings Brooklyn, NY
Shawn Rahman Whitestone, NY
Any new news yet? Was the Leica mailed to technowizard12? If so, did technowizard12 receive it? Is technowizard12 still with us? Stay tuned for another edition of "Traveling Cameras Less Traveled" or "As Our Camera Gently Weeps" or "Sheeps & Chickens - It Makes No Difference"...