Why do so many people get their knickers in a knot over the term and what it represents? I get the annoyance at discussions that put way too much emphasis on it and/or get snobby about which lens has the "best" bokeh - but it's just a word that encapsulates the quality of out of focus areas. Some lenses have smooth and creamy bokeh - some have harsh and discordant. Most are somewhere in between. We know that the shape of the lens aperture has a major impact on the quality of out-of-focus areas - the more round the aperture, the smoother, to a point. I remember seeing some chromes a friend of mine shot using a 14" Commercial Ektar, a 14" Caltar, and a 355mm Kern Gold-Dot Dagor. The Ektar and Caltar were very close, as they should be - they both are in the same shutter (an Ilex #5), and the 14" Caltar is for all intents and purposes a 14" Commercial Ektar. The Gold-Dot Dagor was noticeably harsher, as it was mounted in a modern Copal 3 with either a 6 or 8 blade aperture. The surprising thing about the Ektar/Caltar was that there was in fact a difference. The Caltar was based on the 14" Commercial Ektar, and was very slightly tweaked. The difference proves that lens design in itself does have something to do with it, not just aperture.