I've been using an Omega B635 enlarger (Canadian) happily to print 35mm photos for some time now, and have recently made the move to medium format. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether or not I'd be able to find a 6x6-sized negative carrier tray to fit this enlarger head? The enlarger I have carries the 120V lamphouse.

Google has given me some contradictory results as some websites say that all B-class Omega enlargers are made for up to 6x6 but some websites say that the B635 is 35mm only... from what I understand the B635 is basically a slightly modified B600 that was sold in Canada and other non-US markets... is it safe to assume that a 6x6 negative tray for a B600 would work with the B635? Just wanted to see if anyone had some experience before I dropped the cash. I just managed to find a few rolls of 220-sized Plus-X that I would love to be able to print myself...

Also, if the negative tray search is successful I would also love to hear some suggestions for a good enlarger lens for 6x6. I've been using a Nikon 50mm for 35mm prints but don't really know where to start for MF prints.

Many thanks.