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Mark, if you call 1-800-242-2424 (I got this number from John Sexton) and dial extension 19, then select no options and just wait for a person, you will get to the remnants of Kodak Pro support.
Rafal, thanks for the number, and for the PM with the contact. It's a pity that it's so difficult to get a trouble-report into Kodak's film-division. It appears that that division is isolated from its customers, which is a dangerous way for any company to operate. It only takes one hour per day for an employee to monitor and respond to a couple of Internet forums, which is a negligible expense even for a company fighting off bankruptcy.

@L Gethardt: Testing 120 film is a good idea. I've done all my work with 35mm, but after reading your suggestion, I realized that I have everything needed for testing 120 as well -- except the film. I think I'll add some to my next order.

Mark Overton