Dear All,

Batch 94D048 was manufactured in July 2012 : Number of complaints against this entire batch is 2 ( one of which is Australia, see above, one of which is GB ).

Previous to that the only QC's in the last 2 years recorded against ID11 were 2 complaints worldwide against Batch 76C manufactured in 2011.

As an FYI all our own routine QC testing ( not technical service or other areas ) uses ID11 and we mix on a daily basis so we are very aware of the products actual QC performance.

I have spoken to tech service, we do get some actual powder colour variation but its small, the usual colour once mixed as everyone knows is a light straw colour, all APUGGERS will know if it was dark brown that would be a warning sign.

Black specs would lead us to the assumption of ( 2 probable causes ) some type of contamination or a discoloured chemical constituent. Tech service state that at low levels it would be 'highly unlikely' to affect the quality of the product or its performance once mixed or the deposits to embed in the film, but they would recommend NOT to use it if the level of black specs were 'obvious'.

No on-site samples of Batch 94D048 exhibit any discolouration or black specs.

So, as always, the definitive QC statement applies as with all ILFORD Photo products, if you have a complaint or a concern contact our Technical Service +44 (0) 1565 65 00 00 : They will always ask for the batch number and we will usually ask for the return of the product for testing. You would receive a written outcome on a QC registered with us.

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :