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In 35 years of photography I have never occupied myself with the subjective theory of bokeh. Never. I'm amazed at the discourse here. Does anybody actually do serious, considered photography? Do the clients are there any? actually remark or fuss and fidget "all about the bokeh"? Or is it about chasing little circles around the frame? Please. Bokeh is bullshit. Get on with serious photography and leave this pseudo-intellectual drivel to such rubbish heaps as the revered photo.net Bokeh Club (where else...) .
When you are in the business of selling an aesthetically pleasing object, then the mechanics of how you arrive at an aesthetically pleasing object are very germane and not bullshit. If your audience/client is news media, where the content is not just primary but in fact the only factor in buying an image, then yes, bokeh is irrelevant. But when you're selling art to hang on someone's wall, or you've been commissioned to make a portrait, then absolutely it is germane and important. Nobody is going to buy a portrait that only part of it looks good. Only Gilbert Stuart and Leondardo Da Vinci can get away with selling portraits that aren't finished. Maybe clients can't describe why they don't like a particular image because they don't think about it every day or have the professional vocabulary to articulate it, but it's kind of like porn - they know it when they see it. So even if your clients can't explain why they don't like some photo, you should be able to identify those aesthetic characteristics and describe them so you know why you're selling/losing business.