Because it's fun. And amazing. But then I also think a radio controlled plane that could fly for 20 minutes on rubber bands would be cool and a homemade working vacuum tube from a lightbulb and porch screen would be amazing too! Also the "better with a lens" part is very subjective... it won't make a better pinhole photograph! Don't worry not deterred and not offended... slightly bemused that you don't see the value and "wonder factor" of these things.

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The point of doing pinhole escapes me. Why would.... nevermind. Just because some things CAN be done, why do them? Anything that can be done with a pin hole can be done better with a lens, I'm sure I can fabricate a radio control plane that flies for 20 minutes on rubber bands, but why would I want to? I'm sure I could re-fabricate a light bulb with a grid from a piece of back porch screen and a plate and make an amplifier out of it, but why would I want to? PS--don't you guys be deterred or offended at my apparent attitude on the subject. It'sall in point-of-view. I'm a guy who spends too much of his life re-inventing the wheel, just for financial viability and sustenance, and survival. A pinhole camera, playing golf, and going to the dentist all hold equal measure on my list of exciting things to do.