There seems to be a general upwards drift on eBay on lenses and bodies to a lesser extent. An ordinary ME Super body that went for $20-$25 a year ago might go for $30-$40 today. OTOH, I picked up an SRT-101 w/ 50mm for $13 plus shipping on Sunday. If it's as the seller described it was quite a steal. Even if it wasn't, it's still looks like it should be a good carry-around kit. Lenses seem to have about gone 1.5-2x in price, although there are still many bargains.

I have never figured out why people keep listing things at the same price forever. I watched a copy of "Modern Photographic Processing V1" hang out for over a year at some crazy price like $142.00. Seems to me if it didn't sell in a month at that price they should have caught on - especially when you can purchase both volumes new for not much more money.