I'm cleaning out a few lenses:

Firstly, the 300 f/2.8 AiS "New;" Nikon's lightest 300/2.8, this one shows considerable cosmetic wear, lots of paint chips, and wear around the tripod mount. However, it's pretty much perfect mechanically & optically, everything works, the aperture is snappy, the focus preset works well (if you can find a use for it), the focus ring is the special kind of super telephoto smooth- you can spin it with one finger. No scratches, fungus, etc. optically; there is some dust in the lens if you flashlight it, but it's the best optical example I've handled (despite seeing many cosmetically better), and it's a very good performer. With HE-4 hood extension and caps, $975 + shipping, paypal prefered.

Secondly, a 85 f/1.8 K 'factory Ai'ed;' Cosmetically, it's biggest flaw is a large the scratch/rub at 15' on the focus ring. It's got a fair amount of cosmetic wear overall. Optically, the glass is perfect; it's got some "Schneideritis" or edge paint specs, but I don't really consider that anything but a cosmetic defect. Obviously some dust if you flashlight it. Great look on B/W, it's the last version of this lens with the best coatings, the long focus throw pretty much makes it useless to me right now.
With caps, $299 + shipping, paypal prefered.