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Peter and I have been shooting quite often down in the flats for about a year. Dale, Shawn and Peter have posted pictures of some of their favorite places. You can see we have some wonderful locations to shoot. Thanks to Peter’s generously scanning a few of my prints I can now start to add some of mine. I hope others will post images from earlier NE OH Gatherings. Bethe, how about some from the Ohio Farm Museum?

One of the ships that comes to Cleveland quite often is the Alpena. She was built in 1943 and as I understand it, brings liquid cement from MI to a concrete plant here in the flats. Honestly I am not sure whether cement is a component of concrete or the other way around. With all the highway bridge building going on, the Flats must be a high volume cement customer.

I discovered the Alpena on the IOS app described a few posts back. Saturday Peter saw my print from months ago of the Alpena unloading. He liked the picture. Sunday the Alpena was back in town so Peter could compose his own image. We have found that there are several 600+ foot Lake Freighters that regularly bring lime stone, taconite, cement and other bulk freight to Cleveland. Rarely a weekend goes by that some vessels are not visiting the flats. That ought to put a curse on the 17-19th.

Come to the event and make you own pictures.

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A beautiful portrait of a lovely old laker, John. One of the few things I miss about living in Holland is no longer getting to watch the freighters in the harbor there. My favorite was always the Joseph H. Frantz, one of the classic forward pilot house Great Lakes Freighters, as is the Alpena. The Frantz used to haul coal into Holland Harbor often. I saw her a few years ago going through the Soo Locks under a foreign flag, then later on over in Port Colborne, Ontario as she was being scrapped. Such an ignominious end for a lovely lady of the lakes.