I'm not sure how to control local contrast when making prints.

I am starting to produce very good negatives that are easy to print. However, I feel I'm stopping the work at the "work print", and not being able to take the prints to the next level. I'm currently at the "good album quality", you know, but I feel many prints lack "pop".

Adjusting global contrast is relatively easy by adjusting the magenta filter or by large dodge/burn operations. However, I'm not able to bring out detail and local contrast. Can anyone refer me to the literature, or perhaps post tips or things to do?

Here's a shot of a canon in Fredrikstad, Norway. I found the placement a bit funny, as it aimed straight into the tree :P I took this with my Olympus 35 SP loaded with Delta 100, shot at 50 and developed as if shot at 100 (yes, I forgot I pulled it, really ought to make notes!). I can't remember the exposure to the paper, but the print is developed in MG 1+9.
(the lines are from my sqeegee - which I won't every use again! Two rolls like this!)

Is it just a matter of carefully planning small dodge/burn operations? How would chemically treating the print with intensifiers do (I know very little of this)?

Any help is appreciated!