For sale is a very nice Nikon F2. This includes a Nikkor H 50mm 1:2 and a Nikkor "Q" 200mm lens. Both lenses are in great condition, no haze, fungus, scratches, dings, or dents. The 200mm lens hood has a couple scratches, but that's about it. All glass is clean and clear. Nice HS-1 lens hood for the 50mm lens.
The F2 body I would rate as a KEH EX++ just to be conservative. The leatherette is all nice, no dings or dents in the body. Film counter is good, shutter speeds are good. It has the DP1 finder which works great in lower light situations and indoor, outdoors I generally use sunny 16, as bright sunlight will peg the meter all the way to +. The meter is stable and does not jump around at all. Meter could probably use a good cleaning "internally" down the road.
All seals and damper foam are excellent. Camera comes w/ hot shoe attachment for flash units, that fits over the winding crank. Included is a very good SB-15 flash unit, with its own case. The Nikon case for the 200mm lens is also included. Both lenses have nikon lens caps +1 body cap.
I'm asking $285 plus shipping. Paypal, or US MO, Prefer US Sales.
Thanks for looking.