I am planning a trip to Toronto in late May and am wondering if photography is welcome in that city. I posted about my trip in the "Geographic Location" forum and got some great feedback about places to go and things to see, but I'm still a little curious about whether Toronto has policies toward photography that I should know about in advance.

I've read a few interesting pieces I've found on the web that I find a little disconcerting.



If they have policies that make it a requirement to avoid photography at public parks without approval of city staff, then what about photographing people on the street? Are the privacy laws different in Canada than in the U.S.? What if you're photographing a scene where children are playing? Are you assumed to be a pervert? Can they seize your equipment as is suggested by the second link?

I do not do any commercial photography, but that doesn't mean that I won't someday sell a fine art print of something I've photographed. If I carry professional looking equipment or use a tripod, will it be assumed that I am engaged in commercial work and be told to stop shooting?

I'm soliciting comment and advice in the Toronto forum just to reach a slightly larger audience of folks who are familiar with the reality of shooting in downtown Toronto as a practical matter.