Thank you both. I can’t think of two friends whose work I respect more. That is a very nice compliment.

When I saw on the app that the Alpena had arrived I rushed over there to set up. I use the term “rushed” loosely. My average first shot takes about an hour. There were four seniors standing around with old 35mm cameras in worn leather cases snapping quick ones. One came over to tell me all about the Alpena. “She is the oldest freighter on the Great Lakes, built 100 years ago, etc.” I may have looked strangely, because the app gives her year built as 1943. I am older than that. This is pretty old for a Laker, because their life is pretty rough with as little maintenance as possible, but 100 years she is not. Later Google said that there was an side wheeler freighter called Alpena built 100 years ago, but either they had made a nice conversion or this was a newer version. You know those older photographers tend to boast and can be pretty unreliable.