Thanks for the reassurances. I'm really looking forward to the trip, but I also think that people view photography differently now than they did years ago. I think it's seen as being more of an invasion of privacy and tripods are often seen as a liability.

My local art museum allows photography, but won't allow me to use my monopod because the rules don't permit tripods. I have been told to stop taking pictures in places like shopping malls even though virtually everyone now carries a camera in the form of a cell phone. I woman artist once practically attacked me for taking pictures at a public sidewalk art fair and once in downtown New York City I was ordered, presumably by a security guard, not to take pictures of one of the skyscrapers. No one has ever arrested me or seized my equipment, but I'm no longer certain that won't eventually happen. I wonder what kinds of stories we'd hear if APUG had a forum for discussing such experiences.