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So I'm looking for a 50mm lens for my FE2
I'm stuck between the 50mm 1.8 Series E. 50mm f/2 AIS. and the 50mm 1.8D
In my location the series E and the f/2 can be had for roughly the same price(59 dollars).
But for the 50mm 1.8D, its 109 for it.

So I'm not sure should I go for the old but gold or buy new just in case the old breaks apart.

Keep in mind the 1.8D is second hand with a 30 day warranty.

In your case get the 50mm f/2 AIS. It's would be nicest to use on the FE2. The series E is just as good but not nice or well built. The AF lens isn't very nice to manual focus.