I'm quite happy with what turns out to be a Wetzlar M6, if it really matters at all, for $925. I got a VC 40/1.4 because it seems like a lot of lens for the money, but frankly, the lack of accurate framelines means that I will probably save up for a 35 Summilux for the future.

It is good to be back in the "fold". I am probably going to sell the Hexar Stealth and Leica III and Elmar (black and nickel) shortly, as I need to rob Peter to pay Paul. I can get my AF jollies with my digital, and while the nickel Leica is a joy to hold, it simply doesn't allow me to shoot very effectively. I'll probably dump one of my D70 bodies too, so if anyone with a 35 'lux needs anything mentioned, get in touch. Cheers.