My spring clean-up continues. This Nikkormat has been in storage for at least 15 years! It's in bargain condition, so doesn't look pretty anymore. It has marks, scuffs, and dents. It's also very dirty so would look much better after a thorough cleaning. The light seals should be changed, but having just tested it last week it is light tight as is. Now the good, it works! All functions work perfectly. Shutter speeds sound good, and the meter works well. It has a new battery. This thing is a tank! The lenses both work, except that the 135 is very dirty. I'll leave the cleaning to the new owner. The 50mm is a fine lens. I also have four 52mm filters (yellow, green, red, and UV) as well as a Vivitar soft filter. The whole thing for $125 (OBO) + PayPal fees + actual shipping.