Very likely, these are similar (possibly the same) cameras that are made on some assembly line in China alongside others destined for pharmacies and grocery stores. At the end of the line, they are loaded with HP5, rather than Kodak 400 or some other film.

Rollei had a very similar camera a few years back, right down to the transparent front with the Rollei-branded cardboard image underneath.

I think the lenses on these are generally OK. There is a built-in flash powered by a single AA battery. When the flash is fired, it blinds both the subject AND the photographer. I've used one of these and then took it apart later. For fun.

Here's the Rollei-branded disposable that is loaded with Retro 400 b/w film.

And here are some samples from the Rollei camera on the Lomography site. I would expect the Ilford camera to perform similarly, possibly identically.

I think the Ilford camera could be fun although image quality should lean more toward Lomo than Leica.