Today was finally a wonderful day. No wind, sunny and a nice temperature (16 C) and all kind of flowers and trees are coming alive again after winter. I did have to take some pictures after dinner, but didn't want to go digital.

So I got out my Bronica SQ-B for the first time in 4 years, loaded it with Ilford FP4+ and shot some almost open buds coming out from a Magnolia and a Chestnut tree. I also made two shots (portraits) of our Devon & Cornwall sheep Charley. I used the 80 mm lens, no filter.

I love to see the world through this camera and I love the square format (6x6). Maybe I'll find time this weekend to develop the film myself. I shot the FP4+ at EI 64 (box rated ISO 125). I don't know yet what developer I'm gonna use ... maybe Rodinal.
We'll see.

BTW: my other favorite is the Bronica RF-645. A wonderful travel camera with also great lenses and build-in light meter and rangefinder.
But for this one I need a new battery first. Maybe this weekend?