I've got all this stuff for sale. I couldn't sell it as one big kit so I'm breaking it down a bit:

  • Sinar F-1 standards with DOF calculator
  • Two piece rail 7" and 11". and additional 18" rail. Makes a some 36" inches of rail, complete with caps!
  • Two normal bellows and center bellows frame
  • Wide angle Bellows. (for use with the short rail)
  • Sinar rail clamp and tripod head.
  • Fresnel and ground glass.
  • Slide-rule calculator for extension factors
  • Sinar manual/workbook with shoots and techniques/examples
  • Older Sinar Trunk case, holds it all!

My price for above package: $500 or best offer, Shipped and insured

LENSES, all mounted in Sinar boards. I don't have a lens wrench so there's nothing I can do to get around that.
-90mm Nikkor SW f4.5 $700 Shipped and insured
-135mm Nikkor f5.6 W $400 Shipped and insured
-210mm Sironar (Made by Rodenstock) f5.6 (Has slight coating blemish, but my shots from it turned out great) $300 Shipped and insured

6x7 Horseman roll holder and mask for ground glass/fresnel. Should fit anything with a Graflock/standard back. $150 shipped and insured.

Eight (8) Fidelity Film holders. $5 each + $5 for shipping per order. Order all eight and shipping is free.

  • Barn door shade
  • Various rods and clips for bellows hood,
  • Joint rod.
  • Cable release
  • One Polaroid film holder (For sheets, not pack film).
    I don't have prices for these yet. Feel free to make an offer.

If you want multiple items/packages, I'm willing to negotiate a deal. Let me know. Payments are via Paypal. Add 3 percent for credit cards.