Hi there - i'm hoping this is posted in the right place!
I'm looking to produce some full body photograms and wondering if anyone can offer any advice on the process. I have never worked with paper so big. I will be buying a roll, which will give me just about enough images as i am hoping for but not much paper left for experimenting (making mistakes!). I am planning to cut the b/w paper in the dark room with a paper cutter at approx 185cm high and about 85cm wide and to expose the paper against a wall.... Hoping to hang the piece from clips and perhaps clips at the bottom to weigh the paper down (?) The part i'm a little concerned about is the processing - i was thinking to apply the developer/ stop bath / fix via a mop and bucket - has anyone done anything similiar? and wash the prints in a large dark room sink. Is there anything else i should be thinking about or have overlooked. Any advice? Recommendations gladly received!