I bought a Canonet today for $2 US here in Mali, West Africa. As it was that cheap i decided to buy it and try to learn how it works. i can see that my generation was spoiled by digital cameras. After 2 hours i know now how to open the film room but i still don't understand how things work on the camera. the camera itself is in good shape and all the mechanics works, the light meter also works. I was reading that to get focus on the camera, i should align the two images in the viewfinder. I must say I am confused. when i look on the viewfinder i can only see one images and when i move the focus ring nothing changes. Is there something wrong? if so how can i fix it? i really love this camera which is built like a tank. i am learning photography as an enthusiast and own a Sony Alpha a550 and 6 differents lenses.