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I read Tim Rudman's latest newsletter but perhaps didn't take in all the information. Does this mean it is not possible to work with conventional lith techniques with any current papers?

I made some lith prints today on Fomatone having an emulsion number of 063248. In Tim's latest update he states: "the gelatine change started from Fomatone (MG Classic 131 + 132) emulsion number 060848. So if I am interpreting his statement correctly, the paper I used is coated with the "new" gelatin. I can report that I am happy with the prints. I got the nice pinky highlights that I prefer, along with good shadow tones. The print may have developed in a more linear fashion as Tim suggested in his update; that is, the last minute of development may not have been as rapid as it was with earlier paper. That may not be an altogether bad thing if one is trying to make several matching prints from the same negative. Using the same developer, dilution, and old brown amount as in the past, development time was about the same. About the only difference that I could perceive was a lack of grittiness in the shadows.

If I am in fact using the new gelatin, Fomatone will continue to produce lith prints that satisfy me.