Hey all,
I'm looking at the GX680 system to complement my Hasselblad. I love the HB, but I'd like to get bigger negatives most of the time. And I like the 6x8 ratio, so (almost) no cropping vs having to crop-to 3x4 ratio from 6x6 negs. The Hasselblad is great when a small, but high-quality kit is needed, and I'm walking a good bit from the car. But for closer-distance stuff, I want BIG negatives(without resorting to LF).

There seems to be a good bit of stuff to digest in terms of accessories and capabilities of the system. But it seems very well thought-out, and I know that Fujinon lenses are basically 2nd-to-none(I have all Fujinon glass for LF shooting. Well, save a Nikkor-SW 90mm).

Any recommendations on the system as a whole? I've read online of numerous individuals using their systems in commercial/catalog settings for 100's of 1000's of shots, 10's of 1000's of rolls, and the cameras/systems not buckling one bit. I'm not a heavy user like that, but knowing a system is "built Fuji tough"(sorry, couldn't resist a play on words ), its nice knowing your tools are there for you.

I'm looking at a "starter" kit consisting of the following:
1. GX680II or III body w/ WLF + AA battery holder
2. (2) film backs (or 1 back and multiple 120 or 220 inserts?)
3. Non-metered prism finder
4. Polaroid back
6. 50mm f/5.6 lens
7. 115mm f/3.2 lens
8. 180mm f/3.2 lens
9. 300mm f/6.3 lens *eventually, not a "required" FL, but I like the wide-open, shallow DOF/long-lens "look", especially if photographing a person
10. 1m cable release
11. bellows hood *maybe, might just use my LEE hood instead

Basically, just a kit I could pack into an unused Pelican roller case(1510?, can't remember model #). NOT for backpacking, mostly around-town/in studio.
I've been using my HB on a monopod, and its been a great deal easier(and steadier) than a tripod(I'm not doing long exposures) or using a neck strap. I'd be planning to do the same with the GX680. Makes composition easier, and it does help steady the camera a good bit as well.

Any recommendations/positive comments would be appreciated.

Not looking for a "hold my hand" support group here. I'm pretty confident I want to do this, however I'd like to get some feedback from current/past users of this system.