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The frames are only 76mm long.....
I'd be interested to hear how you go with the GX680. I too have an RZ and use it 95% of the time, I like the idea of 6x8 but can't see myself lugging the GX680 everywhere or handholding it.
Thanks Polyglot,
Well 76mm or 80mm, whatever, I still like the camera/system/format .
I don't really plan on "walking around with it", more of a tripod/monopod-based system. LF-esque techniques but with the convenience/speed or rollfilm
It might be a while before I post anything about it, work's been really slow this year, so extra spending cash has been quite a bit less than last year! But I'll probably drop on a body/single lens kit sooner or later.

thx for the tip, anyone else by chance have actual experience with this "issue"(original topic) of proofing on 8x10 paper?
I know its a somewhat trivial matter, but I don't like having to stock ANOTHER size of paper in the d/r unless I have to....