I plan to buy and prepare Kodak Flexicolor developer. And I'd like to reuse the bleach and fix from my Rollei-Digibase C-41 kits. I have a few questions about the bleach. Here's what I have on hand:

Bottle 1: 500ml bleach, 7 months old, processed 15 rolls (one cross-processed), did NOT use a stop or rinse between developer and bleach.
Bottle 2: 500ml bleach, 2 months old, processed 7 rolls, used a 2% acetic acid stop and rinse between developer and bleach.

I'm wondering if Bottle 1 is too far gone (without some sort of regeneration) -- especially since I didn't stop/rinse after the developer. If not, I'd like to mix the two bottles, so that I can process multiple rolls at a time in my Paterson tank.

Does anyone see a problem here or have any other advice? In general, are there any concerns using Kodak developer with non-Kodak bleach and fix?