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The Super Speed Graphic is a Super Graphic delivered with a "normal" lens (Graflex Optar made by Rodenstock) in a Graflex 1000 shutter (top speed 1/1000). Otherwise the two are identical.

If you want to use short lenses on a Graphic you want a Pacemaker Graphic, Crown or Century. You don't want a Super Graphic. This because short lenses make infinity with the front standard on the inner bed rails, not on the outer bed rails (on the camera's front door, the focusing knob moves them). Pacemaker Graphics' inner and outer bed rails are linked, so turning the focusing knob moves both. The Super Graphic's inner and outer bed rails are not linked, so focusing a short lens on a Super Graphic is quite fiddly. Unlock the front standard, slide the front standard, relock it.

The key dimension that matters for using short lenses is the minimum flange-to-film distance: 4x5 Crown Graphic, 52.4 mm; 4x5 Pacemaker Speed Graphic, 66.7 mm. Data from Graphic Graflex Photography, 10th edition. For the Super, see