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Jargon like leaf shutter or aperture? Every field uses jargon and in fields of science for example when much of the work is done by people in non English speaking countries, non English words become the accepted terms or labels rather than saying for example hills with ice cored created by hydrostatic pressure the word Pingo is used. You may not know what a Pingo is but almost all geomorphologists would. Many of the terms used by photographers are totally unnecessary to be know by the clients. But using a single or two word term to explain what otherwise takes 7 words is communications in my mind. I think if you dissected the terminology used in all aspects of photography you would find many words that we take for granted but non users would think of as jargon. What is a safe light may be a simple example. Perhaps due to the term being foreign, new and is pronouced as an existing word that means something totally different is one of the reasons bokeh is trashed. I do not see how renditioned our of focus area has any more meaning to a non photographer or is a better means of communicating with a photographer. I probably do not use the word myself but I think I know what everyone means when they say it and can visualize the effect on the image. To me that is communitcations.
"Leaf shutter" and "aperture" are not jargon, but specific terms. Just like "pallet arbor" and "escape pinion" are to a watchmaker.