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Keep the hassy, buy an anchor and throw that in your bag. It'll weigh the same and its a great workout!
Let me know if you're serious about the fuji, I had the chance to get one last time I was in l.a for cheap.
Thanks Vinny,
I know I can always rely on you for a witty comment
Yes, I'm serious about the Fuji. The HB is great, and I DO plan on keeping it, but Doremus brings up a good point; if cropping 6x6, I'm basically getting 1/2 the negative size-wise after that crop vs. shooting 6x8 right off the bat.
I plan to drum scan the majority of film, like what I already do with 6x6, but making optical enlargements is on the agenda as well for those shots where I feel that a better option, or if I just want to