Every pro lab in town used to offer that kind of service, and the remaining analog one still does. But
there were also specialist services which did only really big prints (though not pro quality) and of course
outdoor advertising agencies which could turn any shot into a giant billboard. I find the current fad of
turning small originals into huge museum displays to be nauseating pretentious posturing - essentially billboards themselves, though generally inkjet. Garish billboards don't belong in museums. But at the moment, it's big for the sake of big. The next artsy wave will be Minox contact prints - small for the sake of small. I once had a color mural enlarger so damn powerful it would punch a six-foot wide masked Cibachrome in a matter of seconds. It probably would have burned a hole in black and white
paper. I got rid of it. Just the cooling fan used more electricity than my entire house.