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I can't say if Isopropyl can or won't damage the emulsion on photographic film, but I don't use it because of the residue that it can leave behind. I can only speak for the Isopropyl's that I've tested. To test, place a drop of the Isopropyl on a piece of clean glass. Once it has dried, examine the glass with a loupe. You "may" find that the Isopropyl has left behind a residue on the glass. If present, you may decide that you don't want this residue on your film.
That is a good point!

I experienced such at my last batch. I did buy it from bulk at the pharmacy and I thought the residue was some oil by which the funnel they used may have been contaminated.
I thus rejected mine for lens cleaning.

Such an evaporation test should be done with all solvents used for cleaning etc.