I have evolved into a workflow which works for me: I have preprinted 3x5 cards on which I can record all of the pertinent information about a particular exposure - subject, date, time, exposure etc. At the bottom of the card is a space where I can record how the negative was processed, and on the back I write information about printing that particular image. When I expose an image, I expose both sides of the filmholder in exactly the same way, then when I get home, I process the film from the 'A' side of each film holder, and inspect the negatives. If I like what I see, I process the film from the other side of the holder the same way, if not, I have an opportunity to adjust contrast by developing the second exposure differently from the first. When done, I use one of the printfile archival storage pages to hold the two negatives, the 3x5 card, and a contact print. Everything associated with that particular image is then neatly on one page.

So far, so good.

When I go on a longer trip, where I will be exposing more sheets than I have filmholders, I reload filmholders in the field, and put the exposed sheets in an old film box. Invariably the A and B exposures get all mixed up, and my process falls apart. When Quickload was available - it was the perfect solution, but we now live in a post quickload world. What I would like to find is some sort of a light tight envelope in which I could put the two sheets of film from a holder, and attach the 3x5 card for that exposure on the outside of the envelope, and transport the film back to my darkroom as a package. I have a few of the black plastic envelopes that sheets of film come in, but not enough of those, and would like to figure out if there is something like that which I can buy in the real world. Had I been thinking, I wouldn't have thrown away all of those used quickload pouches!

Any ideas?