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Read this thread. The OP thinks "bokeh" differs according to format. Another contributor uses the term and defends it, but has demonstrated that he is badly misinformed regarding what influences it. I don't like the term and won't use it because it is so often misused that it means nothing - just like the word "awesome".

The first definition, from Webster's: Jargon (n) -confused unintelligible language.
I have read the thread several times. If he had asked if the rendition out of focus area 35mm vs MF would he have been anymore knowledgeable about the subject? It seems to me almost everyone who responded knows what bokeh means, perhaps not all of us understand what all affects it. Is learning not one of the reasons people post things on a forum? Or read them? And to correct misunderstandings is one of the reasons others respond.

I have read threads where the OP did not understand that exposures did not change when you went to a different format but I think we will not stop using the word exposure due to this either.