Selling a few larger darkroom enlarging easels.

1. Saunders Master easel. 16x20 4 blade. Great shape, flat and clean. $190
2. Saunders Master easel. 16x20 4 blade. Flat, but needs to be cleaned and is missing side piece to hold frame up. $140
3. Beseler Universal easel 11x14 4 blade. Great shape, flat, and is newest white version. $100
4. Saunders 4 blade 11x14 A few scratches, but nice shape overall, and clean. $35

I'm going to sell these for pick up only at first due to their size and weight, except for the saunders 11x14 4 blade. Even the Beseler nearly measures 16x20 itself.

Feel free to ask questions! I'm willing to meet in a certain radius, and I'll be getting up to the Philadelphia area in the next week or two.

Shipping is extra, and Paypal and Money order preferred. Thanks!