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Rendition means the interpretation or reenactment of a score of music

To translate something - as in from one language to another.

Or in ancient language, to surrender.

None of which describe what you're talking about.

If you're going to mock proper terminology and then make up your own to be more "clear" you should at least use words properly in your descriptions.

And yes it was a little snide, possibly uncalled for, still, I was more busting your balls. I don't have a better term than Bokah because that's the best term for what it is. You COULD say the out of focus area of an image, but that wouldn't fully encompass what Bokah is. It's like the Inuit telling us what kind of snow is falling, and us trying to say its "fluffy snow" which wouldn't properly describe the type of snow because their word for the type of snow is very specific.


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To translate something. Yes, that's just about exactly what I meant.

You're very full of yourself, aren't you? Here, see if you can translate this: "Ma gavte la nata". And while you're at it, get a better dictionary. I recommend the Second Webster's Unabridged, The Oxford, or the Third Webster's Unabridged.

Have a lovely day.

Post Scriptum - You misspelled "Bokeh". Twice.