How many manufacturers are there in the United Kingdom who make film and paper? Has there been any movements of photographic equipment machinery into the United Kingdom? If and I say if it is an existing manufacturer then do they have the capability for increasing production to supply an entirely new comprehensive line of photographic supplies? What defines "popular sheet film sizes"? What could be better than being able to buy at any time a ULF film? The only 11x14 that's available for immediate purchase is not entirely suitable for Carbon Transfer without extreme development measures. This announcement comes at a time when many are sizing up resources for the yearly Ilford Harmon run. What's the most expensive part of any business or endeavor, time.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom under strict direction by Freestyle, we bring you a new black and white film in 100 and 400 ISO. Available in 35mm, 120 size and popular sheet film sizes, these new films are sure to satisfy the most discriminating of photographic artists while maintaining that low Freestyle value price point.