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John: If you have not already, you might try the Boatnerd website. The amateur spotters who send in reports seem to keep a pretty keen eye on where ships are in the Lakes.
It is funny. About last October, Peter and I were shooting every Sunday because I had been chased off work sites on weekdays and sometimes they work over time on Saturdays. Dolly and I had just gotten an IPad. I found we were Googling much more with that than we ever had with PCs.

I searched on “what ships are in the port of Cleveland?” Boatnerd came up. That led to http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/. Thanks Axle.

That led to AIS’ apps for IOS, IPhone and IPad. That is how I got there.

I usually check the night before a shoot, then the morning before I leave for the Flats and during the day of a shoot to see if any in port ship is moving to a place where I have access and light at that time of day. Some of the ships go to one place, others delivering limestone seem to anchor off whisky island, then unload south of whisky island. I can’t get there, then go way up river where we can go. Often if the timing is right we can catch the ship being pulled around bends in the river, going under bridges. It is all very interesting if you are into this sort of thing. Rocks and roots it is not.