Hi Alex,

I'd resoak the negs in tepid water, add a few drops of wetting agent (Photo-flo, Ilfotol etc, just enough to form a couple of bubbles), rub off any drying marks with a soft, clean fingertip and hang to dry for a few hours. Excess wetting agent can leave worse marks than none. Don't use washing-up liquid or liquid soap! If the marks are on the shiny side of the film, take a soft, clean, cotton cloth (the ones supplied for cleaning specs would do nicely), breathe on the film and gently wipe away the condensate. You might even be able to remove the deposits with a dry, grease-free fingertip. Be careful not to scratch the film and don't try this on the emulsion (dull) side of the film.

I'm not sure I fancy chucking alcohol into my final wash water; it's probably a waste anyway. I'm in a hard water area and I just use a few drops of Ilfotol - nothing more. I rarely have problems with drying marks.