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If it's a magenta cast, use a magenta filter. You'll have to experiment with the filter strength. You can do it the cheaters way by scanning the neg, correct the cast in photoshop and do a digital print.
The "cheaters way" is is the only way I can do it today but if I were still printing darkroom colour it would remain my preference.

Unless a magenta light source was used somewhere in the scene it is odds-on to be a neg development problem. I used to use this technique a lot to get some of the excessive red out of certain peoples' faces and up to modest print sizes eg 11x14 you can get away with using clean, unscratched CP filter material if you have any and don't want to buy CC but a catch with CP is that it only comes in the complimentary colours - you have to use two to make red green and blue. The issue of density modification mentioned by another poster is a very real one that will possibly spoil your first few attempts. OzJohn