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Would you ever consider adding non-standard sizes of photographic paper to this programme?
For example, I would really like it if I could buy 16" rolls of MGIV RC Warmtone and Cooltone.
And it would be great if it was easier to find 12" x 16" paper here in Canada.
I would like this too: a nice roll of 20 inch high and several meters long would work nicely in making
large pinhole images in a very large pinhole camera (like a room, a truck or caravan, or ...).

Would be nice if it could be Ilford Direct Positive paper:

- Sticking paper on the wall
- expose by opening pinhole for several minutes
- use sponges and buckets to develop and fix (while still hanging)

See for example Shaun Irving: The Camera Truck: http://www.wps.net.nz/featured/pinhole-camera-truck/ and http://cameratruck.net/Site/Landing.html

This is one of his images that inspired me: