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I don't know if you saw this thread where we explored a test strip maker. I found it remarkably easy to do.

Enlarger --> Sensitometer (test strip maker)
Not until I just spent the last 30 minutes digesting it ! You are more geeky than me Bill , and I have 2 t-shirts and a cap with the word GΣΣK written on them (given to me by my lovely wife).

The only eBay search I've had running for about the last year is one for a sensitometer, and after reading that thread I have even less of an idea which brand/model to look out for. I hope your EG&G sensitometer is proving useful, you certainly spent some time getting to work it out. Surely there have been ones made since, that are at least as accurate (and feature-full) but not so old fashioned.

I'd prefer not to use my enlarger to expose a step tablet into my film because I'd then want to test my enlarger lamp response/warm up time at different filament temperatures and then try to control for that which doesn't sound too appealing. I have already tested my camera's shutter speeds (and had the CLA guy do it too) so I'm more comfortable with those being repeatable and accurate to within 5-10% (my intended accuracy of this Process test).

Perhaps if I get a sensitometer my quick Process Test will change to using that, but for now I will use my camera, and either a Tx step tablet in the manner I describe above or a reflection test target illuminated with either the sun at a similar time of the day (or an artificial light source) and vary the amount of light by adjusting the aperture over its entire range (the original idea I posed with this thread and the 'easiest' to do if one doesn't have access to a step tablet or sensitometer.)