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The very evenness indicates that it was X-Rays. X-Rays travel in very straight lines and you can see here that they swept through a plane. When you intersect a plane with a cylinder and then unroll the cylinder, you get a nice sine-wave as pictured. The plane was clearly oblique to the roll of film: the approx 6mm wobble against the ~20mm diameter of a roll of 120 indicates that the X-ray plane was tilted about 15 degrees from cutting directly across the axis of the roll (in which case there would have been a straight line).

These marks are dark on the negative (additional exposure) and therefore white on a print (which doesn't exist at this point). I'm not sure you're missing anything except that the roll of film in the picture is not a print?

MikeBamboo: was there a roll loaded in your camera that went through the scanner? That will be very interesting to see because you should get different patterns for the two parts of the roll on each spool, plus a third pattern for the straight film across the gate.
All my camera equipment went through the carry on scanner, unfortunately or fortunately I didnt have anything loaded in the camera.

All my unused film was in my checked bag. All my used film went through the carry on scanner and developed fine.