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Although I "like" autofocus lenses, I'm just not comfortable with them.

They don't always focus the way I want. They don't always focus at the same thing I am looking at. They don't always decide on what is in focus or out of focus the way I decide.

Much of the time an autofocus lens can be helpful but I find that, just as much of the time, I have to figure out some way to trick the lens into focusing the way I want it to. This programmable lens seems like a neat idea but, to be honest, it just seems like another thing I'd have to learn how to trick into working the way I want it to. A lot more expensive and time consuming, too.

To be honest, I'd rather just turn a dial or twist a ring until I get things to look the way I want them to. :|
+1. On far too many occasions, I, too, have found myself second guessing/over-riding my AF lenses (28-70 and 80-200 ED Nikkors), most recently when shooting the candids at my nephew's wedding. Several times during the evening, I got so p****d off when the lenses would change focus (often when folks would move from well-lit areas to those with somewhat less lighting) that I found myself repeatedly switching from auto focus to manual. While I like the lenses for their fast speed (both are F2.8s), I find the "convenience/accuracy arguments" unconvincing; one has to be well aware of their limitations in order to use them successfully.